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Welsh Cakes

What to do when your town has been walloped by a ferocious late-winter storm and it doesn’t make sense to leave the house? When all the cold and blowing snow threaten to bring your spirits down? You make Welsh cakes, of course. They fill the house with a lovely smell, you get to practise your photography, and finally you get to eat them, preferably with a pot of tea.

Most people I know have never heard of Welsh cakes, but I remember a time when they were sold in packages of six or so at the supermarket. You can’t find them anywhere these days, but they’re easy to make. Traditional to Wales, they’re a cross between a thin biscuit and a crumpet, sweet, studded with currants, and aromatic of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice (known as “mixed spice” in the UK). Once rolled and cut out, they’re cooked on a griddle, dry or lightly oiled, until they turn golden brown, crisp on the outside, tender and crumbly on the inside.

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