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Ode to Leila and Her Butter Patties

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My mother was raised on a farm in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, near the town of Aylesford. She attended Acadia University in nearby Wolfville, where she met my Dad. They got married in 1949 and proceeded to have four children as they made their way west and settled in Ontario. Mom is now 89 years old and, following the death of our father, Ron, earlier this year, she is about to sell their home and move into a seniors’ residence.

Her name is Leila Kathleen. Her sister is Iona, their mother was Etta, and she had aunts named Marjorie and Mabel. She came out of a farm culture, where people made do, lived simply, and held to strong values. She painted watercolours and taught piano, and was a wonderful mother, sweet and full of Maritime friendliness. She may not understand computers and cellphones, but as a giving, loving, genuine rock-solid human being, she surpasses most people in what really matters.

Ron and Leila Crosby

Ron and Leila Crosby (summer 2014)

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