About Me


Welcome to my blog, Kitchen on Fourth.

I’m Louise, a former newspaper reporter and former public servant who retired from the nine-to-five work world in 2014 and took up blogging. I live with Evan and our persnickety cat Chicklet in Ottawa, Canada. Writing about food is not new to me – for 16 years, from 1992 to 2008, I wrote a freelance vegetarian recipe column called Green Cuisine for the city’s major newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen. Now, with more free time in the day, a new camera, and lots of creative energy, I’m back in the kitchen, hoping to make people happy through food. 

You will find on this site recipes, vegetarian or not, from new and old cookbooks, food magazines, and friends and family. There is also the occasional creation of my own. I have some Cordon Bleu training but am mostly a self-taught cook who likes to make healthy, uncomplicated food using the best ingredients, preferably grown or produced nearby. All images and content on this side are my own work, unless noted. My kitchen is not state-of-the-art but it is bright, spacious and well-organized, and it’s my favourite place in the house. In summer, it opens to a large cedar deck and garden, where we all, cat included, like to loll about in the sunshine, dreaming up the next good thing to cook and eat. I hope you will join me.